You might have been waiting for this moment since you were a child. At last the big day has arrived. Indeed, a wedding is such a special event. It can make every wish come true and every dream a reality.

What dream could be greater than celebrating this event in Italy, surrounded by the people you love, and accompanied by sensational fireworks?

On this page, we’d like to point you to the most suggestive and famous places in Italy for holding your wedding. Based on the location you select, we can recommend the best kind of fireworks display. Happy reading!


Tuscany is the region where dreams become realities. With its swooping olive-groves and vineyard covered hills, timeless Renaissance churches and domes, radiant fields of sunflowers and gracious medieval villages, Tuscany surely represents the ideal setting for your wedding in Italy.

Of all the places in the region, we suggest Florence. It's outstandingly beautiful, romantic and enchanting. It's also a cultural centre packed with artistic “treasures” such as museums, archeological sites, churches and monuments, not to mention shops and food.

Add to this, spectacular locations and venues such as villas and castles and it becomes easy to consider Florence as the ideal setting for celebrating your wedding.

If you decide to get married near the city or in the countryside, we suggest a classic fireworks display. On the other hand, if you’ve opted for a historical building, then a choreographed show is what you need.


The steep and rocky terrain, the winding cliff-top roads overhanging the sea, the beauty of the landscape and its breathtaking views, make the Amalfi Coast the most spectacular coastline in Italy. It is no accident that National Geographic referred to it as “Paradise Found”. If you’ve chosen the Amalfi Coast, you also love the sea. We’re therefore certain in recommending our aquatic fireworks display.


Venice, with its twisting canals, ancient bridges and gondolas, is unique. The feeling of serenity, the taste of history, the uniqueness of the setting and its luxurious palaces, create an incredibly suggestive and romantic atmosphere and a privileged place to celebrate your wedding.

Venice is a naturally suitable backdrop for fireworks. All our proposals can apply here from a classic fireworks display, to an aquatic one, from a musical display to a silent or choreographed fireworks show.


Everyone knows Rome as the “Eternal City”. All you need is a few minutes to understand its charm and history. It is one of its kind, a world where modern, ancient and medieval blend seamlessly together. Moreover, it is the cradle of Roman Civilisation, hosts the Vatican and is the capital of Italy. Do you know any couple who wouldn’t want to get married in Rome?

We can recommend a classic fireworks display here or, if you have a passion for sentimentalism, we can dedicate some time to a musical fireworks show also.


One of the most popular haunts in Italy for celebrating weddings and honeymoons is without a doubt the area of the great lakes in Lombardy, with Lake Garda leading the list as well as Lake Como.

Rightfully judged as being one of the most enchanting places in Italy, the “Lake Area” has inspired poets, writers and musicians for centuries, so much so that is considered one of the favourite stop-offs on the Grand Tour. To high Italian style and elegance, add culture, sun, food and shopping.

When it comes to sport, besides golf and cycling, there’s mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding, in addition to water-sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and fishing.

We strongly recommend an aquatic fireworks display for this area, punctuated by snippets of musical fireworks, for a wedding that “starts with a bang”.


A melting pot of cultures, colours, and traditions. All this is Sicily, the island that’s always sunny. Celebrating your wedding in Sicily means taking a journey between the present and the past that will fill your soul with joyful emotions. Many of those who got married in Sicily describe it as being a mystical experience ... and it will be for you too!

For us, Sicily means sea. We recommend an aquatic fireworks display, such a colourful show that you’ll believe you’re on the Australian Barrier Reef!


Puglia has always been a region packed with charm, history and culture. Celebrating your wedding in Puglia means having the possibility of getting married on a splendid beach with a crystal blue sea, or in one of its ancient churches overlooking the sea, a uniquely romantic atmosphere.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a traditional more country-style wedding, it’s possible to have it in a typical Apulian farmhouse, inside a trullo (traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof), or in the famous stone houses of Alberobello.

Based on the location you choose, we’d be happy to suggest what the best fireworks display would be. But, if you’re going for a trullo, the classic fireworks would be the best choice!

If you’ve chosen to celebrate your wedding in one of these places and you like fireworks, please fill in the form below. You’ll be contacted immediately to receive further information. You’ll discover how easy it is to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life with a fireworks display.

PS: If you haven’t chosen any of the places indicated, don't worry. We travel to every part of Italy.

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