Styles can come and go, trends and fashions evolve, yet there is one event in your life that never changes: the big day of your wedding that seals your love forever.

The wedding ceremony is not only an event you share with your friends and family, but should be considered the ultimate life event characterised by its unicity and sophistication.

And what could be more exciting than a sky lit up by fireworks possibly to the soundtrack of your choice during your celebration?

Our company is capable of offering you numerous types of firework displays for your wedding, combining the sparkles of fireworks to your event’s theme and location, for an unrivalled sensorial ecstasy like that of fairy-tales. Specifically, we can offer the following displays:

  • Classic Firework Display;
  • Aquatic Firework Display;
  • Musical Firework Display;
  • Choreographed Firework Display.

Classic Firework Display

In this type of show, a wisely chosen mosaic of lights, reflections, and sound is studied meticulously so that it gives a magical and age-old flavour to your Italian wedding.

Like in a fairy-tale, the first part is decided by balance: the sky flares up with lights slowly, drawing geometries and unexpected symmetries. Then, there is a twist in the plot, however: the initial stability is lost and the colours in the sky feel this, losing its visual impact. But this lasts only a moment, because immediately after the brightness of the fireworks the rolling thunder of the explosions is upon you.

The final part is dedicated to celebrations, with a scramble of lights, visions, rumbling booms and blasts worthy of a wonderful happy ending.

It is a dreamlike dimension, in which the four elements show themselves demonstrating their entire beauty: an astounding celestial postcard, the ideal solution to amaze the guests at your wedding in Italy.

Are you celebrating your wedding in the city or near the beach or in the open? In those cases the classic firework display is what you need!

Aquatic Firework Display

When it comes to charm and emotions, an aquatic firework display has no rivals. The rigging of fireworks on beaches, piers, and floating jetties, gives you the reflection of what happens in the sky on the water surface, guaranteeing spectators a highly evocative and scenic performance to remember your fairy-tale Italian wedding.

To equip the multi-coloured sky there will also be:

  • Floating fountains, capable of staying lit up and floating on water;
  • Floating carpets, composed of tiny floating flares making coloured lighted carpets (green, white and red) along the water surface;
  • Water spheres, willows, and butterflies purpose-built for the event that “explode” upon contact with water as opposed to at a certain height.

Besides classic fireworks, special aquatic ones can be employed simultaneously to give a sensorial ecstasy to experience and savour. Your guests will be entranced in a dream, seeing the element that normally kills fire, water, igniting fireworks.

Using special rafts, boats or barges, it is possible to double the enchantment of the display, launching the fireworks directly from the water surface. The contrast of these two elements, connected by the magic of the water’s reflection, will paint unique shades and tonalities of colours on a natural canvas where Niagara Falls, weeping peonies, and fans of golden rain will be the undisputed protagonists of the scenery.

Have you thought about celebrating your wedding in Italy next to a beach or on the banks of one of the large lakes of Lombardy? In that case our aquatic fireworks display is the right choice to move both your guests and you!


Similar to all the other creative arts, music is capable of evoking limitless emotions: happiness, joy, serenity, melancholy, gaiety, delight. One of the secrets of its magic is given by the fact that songs and music are often associated with particular moments in one’s life, capable of recalling long forgotten memories and sensations.

For this reason we’re giving you the opportunity to insert the soundtrack of your choice into a carefully adapted firework display built around your song for your wedding in Italy. Based on the music you’ve chosen, we’ll carefully choose the types of firework to use, which will be installed at the venue on the day. Harmonious blending between music and fireworks is guaranteed by specialist software that creates dancing fires, capable of playing to your love chords.

Are you a romantic couple? Do you have a special song that represents your love? Choosing the musical firework display is the best decision you’ll make!


If you’ve chosen a sumptuous eighteenth century villa for your wedding in Italy, an ancient medieval castle, or a master villa, it is probably because you want to create an atmosphere that will permit you to seal a memory in time forever.

Firework displays inside these locations are subject to certain restrictions that could affect the final performance of the show.

These are normally the following limitations:

  • Airways, in the event there are airports or airfields in the vicinity;
  • Noise, if the location is close to inhabited areas and the reception is held late at night;
  • Environment, if you are close to large lawns, centuries-old woods or animals or plants that are at risk of extinction.

But there’s no need to worry: to avoid such inconveniences, we have a particular type of firework called silent or choreographic whose noise factor is reduced to a minimum yet it can still give special effects such as fountains, puffs, and pinwheels.

From the arrival at the venue to the cutting of the wedding cake, from popping the champagne to the toasting, the scenography is that of precious sparkles of fire capable of perfectly capping your Italian wedding, in a perfect harmony of light, noise, and surrounding landscape.

The particularity of this display is that even in the case of extreme weather, or specific needs, it is possible to use these special indoor fireworks, known for their low emission of smoke and their use of the principle of cold fire. We’ll carefully choose the indoor fireworks bearing in mind the size of the rooms, the number of people present, and the venue’s fire-prevention system.

If your wedding is being celebrated in a historic building or in a centuries-old villa, the choreographic display is what you need.


It is not only firework displays: our company can also provide you with light projectors for your wedding in Italy, giving you the ideal frame to compliment a classic firework display.

Specifically, we have two different instruments:

  • RGB Laser Projectors
  • Christie LX 1200 Projectors

A laser projection during a firework display enables you to accompany the classic sky effects with animated images and writings of every sort.

The names and initials of you and your partner, aphorisms, quotes and poems, inscriptions and thanks are just some of the inscriptions that can be displayed around the surfaces of your venue. An infinite variety of colours and the possibility to display this on numerous places such as facades, woods, lawns, or even on “smoke screens”, specifically created for the event.

Differently from classic inscriptions made with fireworks, the RGB Laser Projector has lower costs, and higher resolution in the case of smaller inscriptions (e.g. your initials) and greater versatility, given that it can be projected on practically every area of the venue.

To reproduce images, videos, and photo albums during your wedding in Italy, we can use the Christie LX 1200 Projector (XGA 1024 x 768 resolution), a piece of modern equipment that uses 4DColorTM technology giving sharp images, splendid colour contrast, and overall brilliant results.

This model uses the principle of retro-projection, that is the image is projected through a transparent screen. The use of light from this projector guarantees images four times sharper than other projectors, even in particularly well lit environments.

Another of the Christie LX1200’s strengths is that it can be set up behind a screen in this way:

  • Your guests can move around the venue freely;
  • No equipment interferes with your view of the landscape.

We’ll take care of everything

Our company is aware of how hard and complicated it is to arrange a wedding. For this reason we are able to provide you with turnkey firework displays that include:

  • Contact with the agency organising the wedding if necessary
  • A carefully detailed analysis of the location in order to assess sizes and specific characteristics of the fireworks employed. This is fundamental to determine the most suitable fireworks for your wedding in Italy.
  • Requests for special permissions and authorisations. Each venue can be subject to various limitations - aircraft, noise, environment - on firework displays, which shall be checked by our technicians; should there have never been firework displays, we can obtain the necessary authorisation.
  • Assistance and musical consultancy, hiring of audio equipment or particular structures in the event you select the musical firework display.

Your privacy is important to us and guaranteed

The rigging of a firework display normally requires the installation of equipment that could ruin the breathtaking panorama of your location. To avoid this inconvenience, we usually hide the various equipment and apparatus inside vases, tanks, and dedicated structures.

If this is not possible, we assemble everything in the briefest of times - at sunset - to guarantee the utmost privacy and to not disturb any moment of your view of the Italian panorama.


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