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Proiezioni che splendono

For the creation of images, videos and photography books during the events, Franco Pozzi uses the Christie LX1200 projector (resolution XGA 1024 x 768), a modern device with 4DColorTM technology which produces sharp images and gives brilliant performance. Increased chromatic contrast guarantees excellent visibility, even on the facades of your location or inside centuries-old woods.

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Projector for events

The project is based on the principle of rear projection, or rather the projection of an image through a transparent screen. By using the light coming from the projector, the images become four times sharper and more defined, even in places that were previously illuminated in a particular way.

This way, the Christie LX1200 can also be installed behind the screen, so that your guests can move around it freely and that the devices don’t interfere with the beauty of your location, bringing an ideal solution that reflects the elegance of your event in the best way possible.

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