Event Fireworks

For a classic fireworks display, the lights mosaic, reflections and sounds are studied with care, aiming to deliver a magical and ancestral element to your event.

Like in a fairy tale, the first part of the fireworks is dictated by balance: the sky slowly gets illuminated by the lights, drawing unexpected shapes and fabulous symmetries.

At some point, the situation gets complicated: the stability starts to lack, the main star of the fairly tale prevails and the colors in the sky are affected by it as well - their impact is seen less.

When everything seems to be over, the hero comes to the rescue, looking to defeat the villain. The fight takes place in the sky and the lights of the fireworks are joined by the noise and the din of the barrels.

The duel is done, the good has won and here comes the celebration, in a jumble of lights, visions, rumbles and roars worthy of a wonderful happy ending.

A dreamlike dimension, in which the four elements are revealed and show all their beauty: a beautiful heavenly postcard, perfect for a celebration of:

  • festivals
  • feasts of the patron
  • weddings
  • corporate events
  • private events.
Wedding with Fireworks

In the picture, a wedding with fireworks organized by Franco Pozzi

Certified Fireworks

Fireworks for festivals and patron feasts

For the occasion of regional or special religious festivals, people gather in the city square to enjoy the sounds, smells and colors that the event brings. A magical atmosphere whose charm gets enriched thanks to Franco Pozzi’s licensed fireworks.

An exclusive pyrotechnical performance that unites the classic fireworks show with the history of the city.

Fireworks for corporate events

Welcoming a new foreign supplier, the promotion of the new product or a simple celebration of your company’s anniversary - these are all events that should be used in a good way to promote the firm and make it more visible.

For this, having a fireworks show at your corporal events gives you a great opportunity to bring prestige to your company, making it an a celebration that is hard to forget.

Wedding fireworks

Current trends come and go, the styles evolve, but there’s one event that never goes out of fashion: the great wedding ritual that seals forever the love of a couple. A wedding isn’t only a celebration with friends and family, but it is also an event that brings originality and sophistication.

Franco Pozzi suggests many pyrotechnical shows for weddings, adding the glitter of the fireworks to the soundtrack of your life, with particular care for the theme of your event and your location, for an incomparable ecstasy for your senses, coming straight from a fairy tale.

Private events fireworks

Celebrate the win of your favorite sports team, a religious ritual (baptisms, communions, christenings) or anniversaries, birthdays and name day in an unforgettable way.

A skillful combination of lights and colors of Franco Pozzi’s fireworks will bring out the emotions of your guests that they won’t be able to forget for a long time to come.

Start organizing and planning your event now!

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