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From the moment you arrive at your location to the moment you cut the cake, from the moment you pop a bottle to the cheers, the scenery is a precious embroidery of the fireworks that will crown the event, in a perfect harmony of lights, sound and the surrounding landscape, aiming to make the most significant moments of your event unforgettable.

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Choreographic Fireworks Show

The most important events of your life, such as weddings, special anniversaries and corporate parties, deserve exceptional choices: not only in the name of sophistication and elegance, but also the reflection of the uniqueness of your event.

This is why many events take place in luxurious villas from the sixteenth century, Middle-age castles and mansions, allowing the guests to experience an unforgettable atmosphere.

Often, though, there are many prohibitions related to the use of fireworks that can influence the final performance of the show. Specifically, these are the limitations:

  • aerial, in case there are airports or landing runways nearby;
  • acoustic, in case there are inhabited areas nearby and your event is late in the night;
  • naturalistic, in case there are english lawns, centuries-old woods or almost extinct species nearby.

To work around these inconveniences, they created silent and choreographed fireworks that do not make any loud sounds, but create many special effects, such as waterfalls and fountains.

In case of a strong storm or particular requests, it is possible to use a special kind of fireworks for interiors that are based on the cold fire principle.

Although these products are known for their low smoke emission, their use should be considered carefully, considering the dimensions of the space, the number of people and the fire protection systems available.

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