Light and water to make your event magical

The light, from the water to the sky

Because of its charm and emotion, this pyrotechnical show fears no competition. Its mounting on beaches and floating docks lets the water reflects the show happening in the sky, guaranteeing the audience a scenic performance of great beauty.

Fireworks over water
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Aside from the multicolors of the sky, there are also:

  • Floating fountains that stay turned on and float once they reach the water;
  • Flashing carpets, consisting of small floating flares that form luminous colorful carpets (red, green and white) alongside water surface;
  • Water spheres, willow and butterflies, created especially for this occasion, that “explode” when they touch the water, instead of doing so when they reach a certain height.

Thanks to this kind of technology, the aerial fireworks can be displayed simultaneously with the water ones, in an ecstasy for all senses. The spectators will observe a contradictory sensation, the fireworks coming to life from the very element that usually extinguishes it - water.

Using a boat, a barge or a raft, it is also possible to double the pleasure of the fireworks show by launching them straight from the water.

The contrast of the two elements, together with the magic of reflecting water, draws unusual shades within a natural frame such as Niagara falls, peonies with willow effect, paper fans and golden showers that will be the undisputed masters of the scene.

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