Different shows in the show, for a sensational event


The most important events in life such as weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties, birthdays or corporate dinners are not only opportunities to share with friends, colleagues or relatives, but they must also be marked with uniqueness and refinement, as in the choice the firework display.

Soundtrack and scenic elements, the type of fireworks and the play of lights, colors and shapes, everything must talk about you, your passions, your history.

Married Couple with Fireworks

Classic Fireworks Show

Fuochi d'artificio sopra il fiume

Magic takes life and color

For a classic fireworks display, the lights mosaic, reflections and sounds are studied with care, aiming to deliver a magical and ancestral element to your event.

Like in a fairy tale, the first part of the fireworks is dictated by balance: the sky slowly gets illuminated by the lights, drawing unexpected shapes and fabulous symmetries.

Aquatic Fireworks Show

The light, from the water to the sky

For charm and emotion, the fireworks aquatic show has no rivals.

The set of fireworks at beaches and floating docks reflect on the water surface what is happening in the sky, giving the audience a performance of great charm and scenic effect.

Fireworks over the water

Pyromusical Fireworks Show

Fireworks with Music

Elegance and force, together

Like all creative arts, music is able to evoke many emotions: happiness, serenity, melancholy, joy and excitement.

When it becomes compelling, it can also make your body move: just think about balls, military parade or tribal dances.

Choreographic Fireworks Show

Write the theme
of your event

The most important events of your life, such as weddings, special anniversaries and corporate parties, deserve exceptional choices: not only in the name of sophistication and elegance, but also the reflection of the uniqueness of your event.

This is why many events take place in luxurious villas from the sixteenth century, Middle-age castles and mansions, allowing the guests to experience an unforgettable atmosphere.

Choreographic Fireworks Show

Laser Effects

Laser during the event

Dancing Special Effects

The laser projection used during fireworks allows you to have writings of every kind along with the classing dancing effects and animated images.

Names and initials of newly weds, aphorisms, quotes and poetry, dedications and thank-you messages are only some of the elements you can show on the surface of the location.


Projections that shine

For the creation of images, videos and photography books during the events, Franco Pozzi uses the Christie LX1200 projector (resolution XGA 1024 x 768), a modern device with 4DColorTM technology which produces sharp images and gives brilliant performance.

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