There is a lot of work behind the installation of a pyrotechnical show, and it doesn’t just involve the world of fireworks, but also many other areas, severely regulated by the Weapons and explosives Code.

Because of this, the installation represents the most delicate phase of the entire show, where it’s necessary to offer a complete assistance service to the client.

More specifically, Franco Pozzi’s firm personally manages:

  • Permit requests for the authorities in charge or specialized firms. Every location can be the subject of some logistic limitations when it comes to fireworks (aerial in case there’s an airport nearby, acoustic in case there’s an inhabited area nearby, naturalistic if there’s woods, old plants or english gardens nearby) or it requests the presence of Civil protection;
  • Requests to change location;
  • Music-related assistance and advisory, audio devices rental or rental of any other special structures necessary for the pyromusical shows.

LThe mounting of the show includes the inevitable presence of metal structures in the shooting area, which can ruin the estethical charm of the location. To avoid this inconvenience, Franco Pozzi suggests two different solutions:

  • arrange the mounting of the entire equipment in advance (usually during twilight period) in order not to destroy the landscape vision at any moment of the ceremony;
  • hide the devices within vases, tanks or other structures or apply green camouflage sheets.

The show is projected using specific programs and electronic control units, in order to determine the exact moment of the launch of every firework element with absolute precision, ensuring maximum safety in every phase.

The company’s philosophy pays special attention to ecology and the environment: because of this, at the end of every show, the land is carefully quenched and the shooting area is completely cleaned from any remaining paper. All gathered material is then sent to a dedicated collecting and recycling center.

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